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alberto_mondine Mondine Abogados is a law firm founded on the early 80s by Alberto Mondine Gusberti. After over thirty years of dedication, our team has consolidated itself as the leader in real estate and urban law in Costa del Sol.

Our team’s excellence and extensive experience make us the first legal consultants for this area.

We specialize in real estate law and all related areas. Throughout thirty years of our history, we are proud to have worked with many organizations in the public and private sectors as well as for multiple investors and individuals and continue to maintain these clients.

Our professional knowledge and practice handling Public Local Administration procedures over the years means we are highly trained to work effectively and quickly. In this area, our great experience gives us a unique advantage to assist our clients.

Our practice in Real Estate Law is committed to diligence and clarity in every area (Mortgage, Contentious-administrative, Corporate…).

We speak Spanish, English, French, Polish and Russian. From our office in Marbella, we cooperate with public and private organizations from countries within the European Union, United States of America, Latin America, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, and others.

Highly qualified team with extensive experience

Equipo profesional Alberto Mondine  Abogados All of our professionals share high standards of expertise and diligence, thanks to their management, negotiation and counseling experience in real estate law in Costa del Sol. Our excellent understanding and consolidated expertise in this particular branch of law, complex and constantly evolving, allows us to achieve the best results with tailored solutions.

At Mondine Abogados, all professionals are members of the Bar Association of Malaga and the Economists Association of Malaga, and they subscribe to their ethical and professional standards and codes.

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